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Group Info. + Rules

Post  prinnyotaku on Thu Oct 15, 2009 7:51 pm

Here are the basic rules we're going to abide by for the group, please follow them.

1. A 3 out of 5 vote is required to a new weekly release for us to purchase it. Please be open-minded to what we buy, as this group is about playing both games that everyone wants and others which you may have not picked up at full price. Trophies are fun!

2. Everyone contributes an equal share to the wallet fund. This means, once the wallet has insufficient funds for our next purchase, we're going to require EVERYONE put another $10 in. Obviously if you're adding funds via $20 PSN cards are something of that nature it'd count for the actual amount.

3. You will have from Thursday's update to Sunday morning to vote for that week's game before your vote is defaulted to a yes (only if other people want the game). This is to encourage you to check back frequently and actually voice your opinion. Set up preferences to get emails when new posts are made here, etc... I will be polling each week as I find out what's coming out. If you for some reason cannot vote for a week or more, let us know beforehand.

4. The main thread will be used for upcoming games. If there is a backlog game or any DLC/theme, etc... that you want to get, make a post in the second thread and we can vote there. Just keep the 2 threads separate so the upcoming games don't get clustered with random stuff.

5. Do not edit the account information for the sharegroup. Do not be a dick to the other members in this group. If for any reason changes to the account are made, I will notify you all via PM's or on PSN.

Cannot stress this enough... BE OPEN-MINDED. Everything is 1/5 the retail price.


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