Buzz Group DLC Information

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Buzz Group DLC Information

Post  StrandedBrit on Fri Nov 07, 2008 11:24 am

I just started this so we could have one central place to keep information instead of us PMing on CAG about what's what.

Evergoo is the mod so if you have an idea then go ahead and arrange this forum how you like.

Group Wallet Amount: $7.10
Group Spendings: $67. 90
Last Purchased Item and Date: U.S. Sports Pack, 04/26/09

Group Payment:
Evergoo = $15
StrandedBrit = $15
Esoul = $15
Hone = $15
Buddah86420 = $15

Group Purchased Content:
U.S. Sports Pack ($7.99)
National Geographic: Prehistoric ($7.99)
Quiz of the Year 2008 ($5.99)
American Culture ($5.99)
National Geographic: Undersea ($7.99)
Comedy Pack ($5.99)
National Geographic: Safari ($7.99)
Videogames Pack ($5.99)
Sci-Fi Pack ($5.99)
Horror Pack ($5.99)

Group Missing Content:
Rock Idols ($7.99)
Rock Legends ($7.99)
Space Pack ($5.99)

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